Conservative progress


Debate in college once again. This time, the topic is whether in a democratic society, citizens ought to be required to vote. Argument and counter-argument. People’s emotions are stirred up. They feel very fond of the topic. Deep ideologies, emphatic terms, and noble ideas fill the air of the auditorium, yet I can’t catch any of them. I find it impossible to get identified with the loftiness of democracy. He who advocates for the mandatory voting system bases his argument…
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Meditations I


Some truly believe and are firmly convinced that their religion is the only true religion in the world. Catholics (and Christians in general) are particularly prone to take such approach, and think that Jesus Christ, based on the irrefutable evidence of the Bible, is the only true God who came to the world and revealed his nature to man. There is, however, a question that these people ignore to ask themselves, and that question goes back far before the birth of…
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Human animal


Reading this college psychology textbook. In every single sentence, it pushes the idea that man is an animal. The book is abounding in sentences like “The key is the amount of time an animal, when free to do anything, engages in a specific behavior associated with the reinforcer. For instance, given freedom of choice, children more often eat ice cream than spinach.” Or: “nonhuman animals.” For some reason, the book’s authors feel the urge to…
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Schools do a great job only if they help students realize that their voice is not the only voice, their interests are not the only interests, and their ideology is not the only ideology in the world. Only if students grow able to realize that there are billions of other realities besides their individual little realities, and billions of other worlds besides their individual little worlds, can schools claim that they not only taught, but truly…
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Advanced civilization


Man is born free as an animal. Yet he consigns his life to slavery: socially, collectively, and on an individual voluntary level as well. We call the prison cells of our civilization work, education, welfare, honor, order, and social system, though by all appearances reality is no more than a broken, dysfunctional, unjust, and inhuman arrangement for existence. In its present form, work and its due compensation is a false, lying, and hazardous concept. Self-deception….
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Money and morality

Cap on the stack of dollars

Money doesn’t make one happy. Doesn’t it? Money doesn’t make you a better person. Doesn’t it? Until recently, I readily agreed with claims like these. I idealized noble poverty and humble austerity, and wanted to convince myself that money was a distracting and corrupting agent in life that had to be put strictly after moral rectitude, honesty, spirituality, and all emotional and ethical respects of human existence. I charmingly ignored that without money (most precisely, without…
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America Great Again


I usually do not consider politics worth writing about in my blog, but after extreme shocks, I feel compelled to react. Today is the second presidential debate that I am not able to watch from the beginning to the end. It would be a sinful waste of time. None of the two candidates can speak, none of the two has answers, none of the two respects those who ask them with exact, concrete answers. None…
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Beyond meanings


At  the root of human existence there is an underlying desire for community and connection. At the center of all human relationships there is a deep longing for shared meaning and connection, not a desire for self-preservation or material gain. Perhaps the purest manifestation of such inherent human longing is sexuality. Not animal mating, but ideology-laden human-divine sexuality. The ideology behind sexuality is the face of conscious existence and the shine of God. Our yearning for…
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A subjectless debate


Debate at the university about the existence of God. Two speakers argue against each other’s ideological conviction. (What a shame that any ideological conviction is a personal phenomenon that, due to its exclusively subjective-personal-individual nature – cannot be debated or argued.) And still, one speaker claims that there is no God. The other is sure that there is one. The anti-God speaker is an elegantly sober, level-headed man. The pro-God speaker has the aspect of…
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When I say that the Church is dying, most religious people start fighting against my notion, and begin to prove that their Church is strong and eternal. They seem to defend their Church and religion at all costs, with the same blind irrationality as animals protect their young. Clearly, no rationale, proof, evidence, argumentation, or reasoning can persuade them at all. But why? Would God die if the Church died? Would the end of the…
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Lately I have isolated myself from my whole environment. Now I am unsure whether I am on the right path. Two years ago I decided to start studying at the university in order to obtain a degree in psychology. Ever since I’ve been living among textbooks, and my time is literally scheduled until the last second. In it, there is no room for friends, social gatherings, going outs, and such. I barely log in to…
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